Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too Big for God? I Think NOT!

One of the reasons for putting the adoption on hold was debt. Too much debt. Like many people we had gotten sucked into keeping up with the Jones' and whoever else we were competing with. Also, b/c of all the debt we had incurred I'd had to go back to work almost full time. This was not the situation we wanted to bring another child into, especially not one we had rescued. We felt a little defeated and we weren't sure how to fix the problem we had created. God, however already had the answer before we asked the question. Back in December '07 after our friend Betsy shared a video about a couple who, after completing Financial Peace University, adopted a child we were inspired to check into the program. We completed the class in May '08, moved to North Carolina in June and have been waging war with our debt ever since. The main thing was to sell the house in Florida which took a year but did happen. As of December my car was paid off and just today we paid the last of the 3 credit cards. We still have Brian's car to pay off but we have reached our goal which was to pay off the credit cards and for me to be a stay at home mom again. I am not only at home again but also homeschooling our three boys. Although, a daily challenge we know this is God's path for us.
We have never stopped praying and believing for Grace to come home and we feel closer than ever. We are submitting new paperwork this week and will be back in the system which means we can seek out starting our home study. We know we still have a long way to go but we are confident this is God's plan for our family.
We would appreciate all your prayers, any ideas you might have for fund raising, links to any other blogs you may know about regarding adoption and just general encouragement. Thanks guys!!

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Proudmama said...

Please do not give up on your dream of adopting Grace! I will pray that God will open the storehouse and rain down all kinds of blessing on you and your family.

One of my friends is sel-publishing a cookbook to help fund their adoption. They also sold coffee and had yard sales. Another friend was treated to a "tip night" where a local restaurant donated all the tips for the night to the adoption.

And thanks for the sweet comment you posted on our blog, Running Down Dreams. If I hear of any more ideas, I'll let you know!

Laura (a/k/a Proudmama)