Monday, June 24, 2013

All the RANDOMNESS I can muster.

Today makes 15 days in China. It took me more than 10 to get over jetlag, B a little less than that. Any bets on how long it will take when we get home? I hear its way worse coming back.

Baby girl said mama about 4 times now. Not really to me necessarily but I'll take it.

In every restroom we have been in there is only ever one "normal" toilet. The rest are squatty potty's, you have to have your own toilet paper and I've stopped being surprised that women don't shut the door while squatting.

Young people here are very touchy-feely it seems. Boys and girls alike are always walking around holding hands (same sex), arms around each other in very intimate ways while standing or sitting. Its a little bit uncomfortable.

Also, with regards to young people there seems to be no trends at all fashions-wise. It really looks as if anything goes.

While in the malls its always crazy to me that there will be at least 1 but usually 2 people standing at the entrance of the stores beckoning people in. And it doesn't matter if you look like us, they will talk to you as if you understand them.

The people here have no concept of personal space and depending on where you are no concept of personal hygiene either. However, they have all been very friendly to us and always dote on Jenna Grace.

When the escalators aren't in use they stop moving.

There are signs in our hotel room reminding us not to drink the water.

Malls are as prevalent here as gas stations are in the states.

I can tell travel is imminent, I've started dreaming about it. Last nights dream was of an airplane with no roof that sat 70, the pilot was about 170 and there were no seats.

I wish I would have kept track on my pedometer how many miles I've walked since being in China. I'm sure the number would have been pretty impressive.

The newest foods we've introduced our girl to are baked mashed potatoes, frys, chicken nuggets & hamburger from McD's, quesadillas, and watermelon. All winners.

All the workout machines are totally in English.

Most of the signage in Guangzhou is in Chinese, English and Arabic everywhere we go.

If I lived here I would never get used to seeing my dinner swimming in a tank near by then on my plate 15 minutes later or the insane live things they sell at the grocery store or the way they display their meat! Check out pics below.

Now that we are here I still say yes, adoption is one of the hardest things we have ever done in our lives but it is more than worth it and I would do it again if God says to. 

We have 4 and a half days to go. Approx. 29 hours of travel coming to us. We will leave on a Saturday and get home on a Saturday. We covet your prayers. Thanks.