Saturday, May 08, 2010

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

Its been almost a year since we blogged anything at all let alone anything adoption related. Nothing in our hearts has changed regarding bringing our daughter home, we just were doing a bit of cleaning up in preparation. Now that the clean up is just about complete we feel the time is now to move full steam ahead. So, Monday we contacted our agency and are in the process of re-opening our file. Here's what that entails: because its been over 2 years we have to fill out a new application and send in new photos. Then we will have to sign a new adoption agreement. Thankfully, the monies we have already paid are still good except the adoption agreement went up to $900 so we will have to send $200 and we are up to speed. The next step will be the home study. (See side bar for full list of steps) Once the home study is complete we will be eligible to apply for grants and also search the waiting children page on our agency's site. Brian and I are prayerfully considering the possibility of an older child/child with special needs.
Please join us and pray specifically for the following: finances to be in place when needed, the right child, the right time, and fund raising ideas.
We know the time is now but we can't do it without your prayers.


Jenny.Lee said...

I will be praying for wisdom as you take the necessary steps to move forward.

Brian and Rachel said...

Thanks Jenny!