Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Papa's 80th.

At the beginning of Feb I was blessed to be able to go and celebrate my Grandfather's 80th birthday in St. Louis.

My papa has always been a sort of hero in my life. My memories of him are nothing but positive. I remember how much he has always loved me and although he isn't perfect, when we would visit him he gave us his time and his ear.

This past visit was no different. I have been so thankful to get closer to him as a result of our adoption and I am so proud of all he has done to help bring home close to 8,000 children to their forever families through his agency Children's Hope International.

I love you Papa, thank you for being you! Hope you enjoy the slide show.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Growing Deep Roots: Questions that should be asked...

My friend Tracy, who is adopting from Uganda posted this at her blog. The questions/answers are per a Ugandan adoption but I'm sure most would be helpful for many international adoptions. Pass along if you think it might benefit someone.
Thanks Tracy!

Growing Deep Roots: Questions that should be asked...: Adoption is awesome! Unfortunately, though just like anything else that is good it can be corrupted. Adoption has become a money making bu...