Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy ME Day!! Last Year of my 30's...

Today has been such an amazing day! Here's why:
-Started my day with a walk and some great quiet time. 
-I was inundated with calls/texts/FB messages/emails and of course lots of love and affection from my family all day long. 
-I spent the better part of the morning being ridiculously productive at home. I know what you're work on your birthday? Really? Yes, really and I was thankful and happy to do it. 
-After dropping the kids at tutoring had some hubby time at the bucks and then did a little shopping. 
-Dinner with amazing friends followed by cake and ice cream. And just to brag on B, he went all out and ordered me a flourless cake (which was delish) and got me dairy free coconut ice cream. Am I blessed or what?
I love birthdays and believe everyone should do it up BIG no matter the age. I don't even know how to articulate just how thankful I am. Dare I say it, I am looking forward to next year. Its gonna be the biggest one yet and I'm excited I'll be sharing it with not only my hubby and three sons but hopefully a daughter too. God is good ALL the time. 

Absolute Randomness and Turning 29...AGAIN!

29 years ago plus 10 (hee hee) I was born. I was born during a time when dad's were not allowed back with their wives during delivery. WOW. That really makes me feel old. Especially since a mere 2 years later my dad was allowed back with my mom when my sister was born. 

This past weekend Brian took me to Raleigh for shopping, dining and basically chilling out. I don't ever want to take for granted my amazing husband. He is THE most selfless man I have every met. He is all about me and wanting things to always be perfect. And he isn't just like this on my birthday. I love Brian so much and am so thankful for a God fearing man who loves and leads his family. 

Today is such a great day and not just because its the anniversary of the day I was born. Its an amazing day because I am alive. I have family and friends. I am sustained by my creator daily. I am in awe of my God and the amazing life He allows me to lead. I love knowing I can't live one day without His awesome presence and how I never want to see anything else but His truth in my life. I am so thankful to be on this adoption journey and can't wait to enter this next phase. I am resting in His promises and praying daily not only for our journey but for all those I know also walking this road. He is able and He will do all He promised. 

Below are just a few random photos I pulled off my phone that I wanted to share but haven't made the time to blog about. Enjoy!

Jayden performed at a local coffee shack a couple of months back. He brought in quite the crowd of friends and we were so proud. He did very well. 

I took this picture of Jared and Rachel (his girlfriend) b/c I thought it was funny they were wearing similar socks. I am so out of it style wise. :0)

Jared and his adorable gf, Rachel.

The most recent pic of the boys. Jayden is the only one not taller than me but that is about to change. 

Brian's mom just visited and we took her to New Bern to see some sights. 

Brian and I. I just love this man more than I know how to express. 

Jackson and his basketball trophies. 

Jackson and his bball team. They won the league championship. We are so proud of him and well he does in basketball. 

Brian bought a jon (sp?)boat so he and the boys can go fishing on the creek behind our house. I think he's turning into a redneck. HAHA!

B and I redecorated our laundry room after inspiration found on pinterest. Laurie and I painted and he hung the cabinets, the shelf, made the laundry sorter and even picked the chandelier. He is so talented. 

When the boys and I were in Sarasota, FL we went and played Lunar Golf. We had fun!

My newest favorite addiction is Bananagrams. I make the boys play with me as often as they'll let me. 

It has been kind of an expensive year between the adoption and braces. Jackson gets his off in two months and Jayden just got his last week. Here are some funny pics while he was getting prepped. 

And finally just a funny one of me and B. This was Sunday morning. We were kid free for the second day in a row and loving it!!!!

See, I told you this post was totally random. One thing really had nothing to do with the other. I love it!!!!