Monday, August 11, 2014

No shoes, no shirt, no problem.

Our annual lake trip with our best friends has come and gone already this year. But despite the time being much shorter this year (only 4 days) we had a blast. It was fun and relaxing and just what the doctor ordered for our family in particular. For at least 2 weeks beforehand things had been so stressful (mainly for B) I thought I might explode.
While at the lake J & K spoke into our lives with truth and love.  During just 1 of our 4 mile walks (we walked 24 during that 4 days, not that I am boasting or anything) K shared such amazing godly wisdom into this momma's fragile heart. I am beyond grateful for their friendship, they are family to us and I am so thankful we get to do life with them.
And so onto some great pics.

JG's favorite thing to do these days. TEA PARTY she says to anyone who will indulge her. 

Its hard to get a good one of "the kerri" but I continue to try.

Not too bad. We arrived Sunday eve, barely unpacked and walked 4 miles.
It was wonderful. 

Now those are some good friends. 

Luke wanted to take "selfie's with me".


Hey nice shot, maybe I could be a photographer. 

These boys have been friends since they were babies. 

J & K have 3 boys also so JG was never at a loss for attention. 

Its blurry but this is as good as it gets for a pic with the 4 of us. 

J & K brought her brother's handmade paddle boards. 

Finding some serenity before I try the paddle board myself.


Jacob was trying to roll out of the pic. He failed. 

JG loved sitting on that thing. 

JG rode the jet ski too and loved it. 

Kisses for baba. 

"More tea, baba?"

Yay, a normal one. 

This is our standard shot of the boys. We take one every year.
Sadly, we were missing Jared this year. 

Time to tube!

Feeding the fish.

Just one of the boys. 
We are already counting the days until next years lake trip.