Friday, February 07, 2014

Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten is an Orphan Ministry Group my friend Tonya and I began in February 2013. Tonight we celebrated our year milestone with as many of the group as could make it.

When I was going through my adoption I would constantly google adoption support groups in my area looking for anyone I could connect with. I never did find any.
In July 2012 Tonya moved here from New Mexico (Tonya and I originally knew each other when we both lived in OK in the early 2000's) with her husband and son Rivaldo who had been adopted from Haiti. Tonya has a passion and drive that is contagious. As my adoption was nearing its end I realized that no one should ever have to go through this process without support. And so with that Not Forgotten was born. We began our group with about 7 families and only 1 child home (Rivaldo). One year later we are 11 or so families and 9 children home!
We meet monthly and once a quarter get all the families together for potluck. Its not always organized and its not always pretty. In fact some months there can be a lot of snot flying around...right Laura? ;0)
But we are all there for each other. We are there to listen, understand, vent, cry, complain, laugh and rejoice with and mostly to pray for and lift each other up. Especially when we think we can't wait another minute. Because, lets face it, adoption is tough and it doesn't get any easier when they come home. I am thankful to walk through this journey with this amazing group who continue to inspire me and spur me on to whatever God has for me and my family!

Rivaldo and Jenna Grace

Sebla and Nathan

I couldn't help it, she's so cute. 

Oh the technology...

Laura and Devica, both doing foster to adopt. 

Nathan was just placed with Hayley and her precious family. 

Just some of our amazing group.

Me and my adorable co-pilot, Tonya. She is such a blessing and had such a great word tonight for our group!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

I am so proud of my boys and the men they are becoming. But sometimes it nice to just sit and remember the way they were. And then of course us, when we were less wrinkled and grey. But oh how time flies and here we are now. On another journey, entering another season yet again and I struggle to find the joy in it. Transitions are always hard for me. It seems to scream the painful reminder that my mom is not here to share in this with me. To talk to, to get encouragement from. And so, I cry and the moment passes and life goes on. 

Enjoy my little walk down memory lane. 
Jackson and Jayden

Jared, with just one of several skateboards he has owned over the years. 

My littles as they were. 

Trying to capture the moment. Sarah (my sister), me Grammy and mom. She died 6 months to the day after this pic was taken.

Jared turning 10. I made the card. He is 20 now. UGH!

First day of school.

Visiting the UK and the town where I spent 8 years of my life. 

My littles...again.

Less wrinkles, NO grey and I'm even a brunette (which everyone hated).

They were 11, 8 and 6. Hard to believe they are 20, 16 and 14 now.

9 years ago. WOW!