Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin mess and just a bit of good news (you're gonna wanna read to the end)

I'm not one of "those" moms. You know those perfect moms who do all the kiddie crafts for all the holidays while creating such magical memories (not to mention mess) when their kids are growing up. Not that I didn't want to be. I even tried "keeping up"earlier in life but being short on finances and time always seemed to plague me.
I'm the little too late mom. We only built gingerbread houses for the first time ever last year when my kids were 12, 14 and 18! Two years ago was the first time we ever carved pumpkins and even with older kids it was still a mess. Part of the truth is we didn't have the money back then but the other part is I didn't want to mess with, well the mess.

Since the creation of Pinterest, Facebook and other such social media its really easy to get down on myself for all the things I didn't do with my kids while they were growing up that I could have taken the time to do. But you know what? I'm doing them now and with Grace on her way maybe there might be a little redemption there and the best part is her big brothers will be there to help her and clean up the mess. :0)

So here is our pumpkin carving fun for this year. Sadly, Jared was absent as are most 19 year old who still live with their parents.

The beginning

Digging out the mess is everyone's favorite part, well except mine. 

Time for the design, Jack's was DUKE...of course.

Jayden's was a template out of the book. 

And the unlighted finished product.

Jayden's design was pretty involved. 

How they look outside at night.

Pretty creepy.

I'd like to end this post by saying I'm not good at keeping secrets, not that its really a secret but it kind of is. Wow, am I talking in riddles or what?!
Anyway, the short of it is we have received a referral for a little girl who is one. There are still many unknowns so that is why details are minimal but who needs details to pray. So, PRAY! Thanks! Blessings.