Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Silence...

I have heard lots of quotes on silence. 

But my favorite is: Silence about a thing only magnifies it. There are, obviously lots of ways to interrupt this quote. This was mine. 
Its been four weeks, FOUR WEEKS!! since we have heard anything from our agency. In my humanness I fail to understand this. How can someone not even send an email or make a call that would only take 2 seconds to let us know, "hey we haven't forgot about you". So, that makes it feel magnified. But only for a minute. 

Then I remembered. About four weeks ago my prayers about this began to change. I began praying God would please protect us from more referrals we would have to reject, I began to pray for the lady who has the arduous task of matching families. I know this journey is not about us but I think I lost sight of that for a minute. 

As my hubby likes to remind me, when God is the quietest He is working the hardest. 

My prayer time is focused more on the needs of others.  And for our situation-thankfulness. Thanking Him its done in His time and for His glory. Thanking Him for all the things we are learning along the way. He is so good. 

And in other adoption news...Our very good friends are on their way, even as I type this, for their first appointment at the Congo Embassy for their little blessings. By the beginning of October they will be home!!! Two less orphans in the world. 

Adoption is and forever will be God's amazing redemptive plan for those cast aside by society. I plan on being part of this plan for as long as He'll allow me to be.