Thursday, April 04, 2013

Countdown to 40 and a Picture Walk Down Memory Lane


In 26 days. 

So many say its only a number. Thats easy to say when you're only 25. I remember I couldn't wait to be 25. I'm not sure why, maybe it sounded older to me and I thought people would treat me differently (is that a word?). Then before I knew it I was 30 and the only thing that bothered me about turning 30 was a little weight gain I had to work harder to get off. 
I spent my 30th b-day in England partying with my hubby and bestie for 2 weeks only to come home and bury my mom less than 2 months later. 
These past 10 years have been the most amazing whirlwind of moving here, there and everywhere. God has been up to some pretty fabulous things and I've had the privilege of connecting with lots of new people. Some came and went, and some came and have stayed. Not to mention all the wonderful in person/online adoption friends I've made. I pray those people never go away. With Jenna Grace coming home, I'll need them now more than ever. 
I've spent this past week scanning lots of old photos and thought it would be fun to post a little walk down memory lane in honor of the impending 40th. Hope you enjoy!
The newest newborn pic I have

Me and my Grammy (mom's mom). I am the first grandchild. 

Me and my momma. I still miss her everyday.

Me and Papa (mom's dad) I guess he's trying to make me cool. It didn't work. 

I think this pic is out of order. Still, I am clearly trying to figure out what this is. Knowing my mom, she made the cake herself. 

My mom would always tell me how much I loved being in my johnny jumper. 

My sister had just been born. I am 2 weeks shy of being 2 years older. 

Strong man, I have pics of all three of my kids in this exact pose. 

Me and my friend Christopher. I have several pics of the two of us all the way through elementary school. I wish I could figure out where he is now.

Christmas time.

This is an interesting picture. Look closely, can you see what I am "helping" him do?

Three! There's Christopher again.

Big gap between pics. Not sure how old I am here. I do know we are still in Canada though. 

I LOVED the movie Annie. That is my sister in the front row with the afro. 

The cabbage patch doll my mom made for me. She made and sold several of these. She was so creative and economical. 

When my sister and I were little my mom would tell us bedtime stories starring two bears named Humphrey and Bogart. I had no knowledge that he was actually a famous actor. I just know I loved the stories mom would tell and that Christmas my Aunt drew pics for my sis and I. Here is Humphrey. I still have this print. 

Third Grade.

Fourth Grade

Children's Christmas Choir. I loved every minute being part of this. 

6th Grade

Paul Woodcock (my youth leader dude) baptizing me. I think I was 14. We were in England now. 

My sis and I. I think I was 15. I remember this day. I'd had a track meet all day and run several races. I was exhausted and came home to my mom making us get dressed for a photo shoot. 

Age 15. Summer time. I was in Tulsa, OK visiting all my extended family alone. 

Barely 20 and a brand new Jared. Now 19 years himself. 

Brian and I, newlyweds and Jared just 2. 

BIG GAP! Here we are Nov. '12. 

Love my boys! Can't wait for this pic next year to include my girl. 
Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane. 

Here's a mini adoption update. Our visa approval should arrive tomorrow and we are compiling our "to take" list for China. Also, we will get one more update on our girl before we travel. We are submitting a list of questions at the end of April. Stay tuned, its about to get even more exciting.