Thursday, June 13, 2013

Observations and an Update on JG

It is incredible to me just how hard you sleep when recovering from jetlag. B and I laid down at 2 and awoke at 530. But when I looked at the clock I was sure it was 530am. Once I realized the actual time I was astounded. I had dreamed and felt like I weighed 200 pounds while trying to get up.

So, just some quick observations during our day and a little bit of the night on the town. I already talked about all the staring. It didn't get any better when we went out this evening. While looking around in most stores few people know the meaning of personal space. They will follow you around and stand a foot away, literally. Its very odd. 
There are these market places that sell everything and anything you could want food wise and anything else. But lets talk about the food. Everything is on a stick. And I mean EVERYTHING!!! Scorpions (some are still moving), octopus, bug, crabs, the list goes on and on. The smell is so strong and the people behind the carts are all trying to yell above each other in the hopes you will come and buy from them. 
I am sad I don't like the people or the city more. But I can't worry about that. I will continue to choose joy knowing where it comes from. Also, focusing on the objective. To be united with our daughter. 
Another thing is people are just so forward. They start yelling at you and trying to ask you questions. On the way home from dinner B and I just kept walking. We didn't want to be rude but there is no helping them understand you aren't famous and you don't have anything to give them. 
As we made our way through downtown it was dark and looked like New York (well at least the pics I've seen). 
The worst thing though, was no toilet paper in some of the public bathrooms or worse yet, only a hole in the floor in which to pee.  Luckily, I was warned about this and had kleenex at the ready. Whew. 

Downtown. In about a 2 mile radius there are 3, count them 3 malls.  And we are talking 5 levels of shopping and eating at each. 
Do we have this in America? ;0)

I was not going to ask someone to take our pic. See McD's in the background. 

As I mentioned earlier, the traffic here is insane. What's more insane is  that there are just as many bikes/scooters/motorbikes on the road. No helmets, nothing. And I am not kidding when I say, you are taking your life in your hands on those roads. Plus pedestrians have no right of way here. They will totally run you down and not even look back. 
Market place...see the octopus hanging over the side. You've never smelled anything like it. 

And of course...My man's main place to make life happen for him. :0)

And the best way to end the evening, an update of on our girl. She is still 23.5 pounds and 33 inches. Very sad, though. They shaved her head. I guess that is their way of getting her ready. We also got a ton of info on what to expect while in her province and info on her foster parents.
So, last update for today. Tomorrow we meet our group at 830am and we go to The Great Wall. I am looking forward to that. Trying to enjoy every moment but the truth is, I am just "getting though" b/c Sunday is when things will get really exciting so stay tuned. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. We CANNOT do it without ya! Blessings.

On our way to Jenna Grace, Day 1 and 2

It is Thursday at 1:44pm and we are in BEIJING!!!!!!

I had every intention of posting something on our layover in Newark but our first flight was delayed so once in Newark we only had enough time to eat and it was time to go. 

Our flight to Beijing was LONG! Brian and I didn't sleep any more than an hour. Even with drugs. It was hard not to be frustrated at that b/c we were just hurting by the end of it. When we finally landed, waded through customs, waited at baggage claim and were picked up I was cooked. I made it 10 minutes in the car before I passed out. And it was probably a good thing b/c the traffic was terrifying. 
We got settled at the hotel, showered and hit the bed HARD. We both slept so hard that when I woke up I figured it was morning. NOPE! Only three short hours had passed. But we were awake and decided with the time difference it was probably a good thing. We finally went to bed at midnight. Sadly, we only made it until 4:30am. I went to the gym, got in a work out and we hit breakfast. It was amazing. Finally. The airplane food stunk!!

Anyway, I'm just now realizing how boring this post is. Sorry. We were finally able to face time with our kids and see they were doing fine without us. And allow me to interject how thankful I am to have the friends I do. They pick up the slack every time and for that we are so grateful!!!!

This morning we went exploring and we had barely made it out of the hotel when this couple came up to us asking if we were American. I said we were and she said, "Oh your hair is so beautiful." They walked and talked with us for 15 minutes. They were both art students and their English was very impressive. 
We went in several malls and walked through one outdoor market. We spent the whole time being stared at. Especially me. I thought I would get used to it, but the more the morning wore on the more unnerving it became. People would stare and then talk about us with whoever they were standing with (or so it felt). For the most part, the people don't seem that friendly. Well, except for this one guy who asked Brian if he was a celebrity, b/c of his goatee. That was funny. 

So, now its time to nap and try and get our body's to line up with China. It is surreal being here. Tomorrow begins all the sight seeing and meeting the rest of our group. I am hoping that will divert people from staring so much. In just 3 and a half days we will meet our daughter. I am so hoping I can post pictures by then. So far, we have not had much luck with the whole internet thing. 

So, be patient and keep checking back for updates. They are coming and I promise will be better than these. HAHA! Oh, and keep praying b/c God knows we still need them.