Monday, June 11, 2012

In a Holding Pattern.

This is a term usually for flights, here's its meaning. 
1. The usually oval course flown (as over an airport) by aircraft awaiting clearance especially to land. 
2. A state of waiting or suspended activity or progress. 

This is exactly where we are and how we feel. The last few weeks have been THE most emotionally exhausting weeks since my mom dying almost 9 years ago. 
Our agency has sent us 4 referrals in all and all the kids had severe special needs. It was heartbreaking but it also helped us wake up. We really had to re-group and question why were they even sending us referrals like this. We understand their need and passion to place these children but trying to place them with a family who has clearly and prayerfully thought about the special needs they can handle does no one any good, least of all the child. I am in no means speaking against our agency, their passion is right where it should be and I'm sure they were just being over zealous. We too as the adoptive parents need allys during all this because having to reject one referral was painful enough but FOUR?!
So, as of a week ago we reminded them in the nicest way possible that this is where we are as a family and these are the special needs we can handle.
Its clearly going to be even longer than we originally anticipated but who can say either way because at the end of the day GOD'S got this, not me and its His control I want to be in, not my own. To Him to ALL glory!!! Now you are all caught up on adoption news how about some fun stuff?! This past weekend on a complete whim B and I decided to take the kids plus J's girlfriend, Rachel for some fun in Williamsburg, VA!
It was a blast and a much needed getaway for everyone, especially us!
We spent 2 days playing at Busch Gardens and the third day at the biggest Antique Mall I've ever been to, we also hit the outlets and then it was back to Busch Gardens for Chris Tomlin Sunday night. Sadly, we didn't get to see Chris due to it being standing room only and about 1,000 degrees with no air. 
So, we hit the candy and pretzel stores on the way out and headed home. 
It was such a good time just being together and not thinking about anything at all. Enjoy our pics!

No matter where we go if the ride is longer than 30 mins, Jay always falls asleep. 

 Jay picture jumping!

 Waiting for Pirates 4-D to start. 

Me and my hunny. We are dorks. 

 The most beautiful eagle/owl I have ever seen. 

Jared actually rode this! He is nuts!

 And heres the proof. Its a pic of a pic. (I don't buy those, they're a rip off.)

 Gotta love Land of the Dragons. 

I have a pic of him when he was 2 in these eggs. 

Rachel and Jared

 These pics are out of order, this is the start of our day. They were more excited than they look.

The three stooges. 

Even I got in on the action. 

 In the Williamsburg Trading Post. 

Once again out of order, Jay riding the skyride. I was opposite him. 

See, here I am. 

Who doesn't like the Merry Go-Round?

One of only a handful of things Jack did. Poor kid hates heights and speed. I feel his pain. 

 Me and my hunny again. It was so nice having him all to myself this weekend. (well besides the kids)

The two Rachel's. 

Super cute kids. 

While Jay slept this is what Jack did. Kid never falls asleep until he's in his bed!
Thanks for being on this journey with us. Please keep praying and believing with us.
Waiting joyfully with confident expectation!!!!