Sunday, December 29, 2013

6 Months Home and Bragging Rights.

Today marks 6 months since we landed back in the US with the cutest little Chinese girl known to man...of course we are really biased.
Neither of us could have imagined just how hard it would be going back to toddler-ville but despite it all we wouldn't change a thing. Jenna Grace is the most precious little girl. She gives us joy from the moment she wakes up until we say good night every single day. Yes, there are moments of frustration, tears (not just hers either) and questioning our ability to parent but the good always outweighs the bad. And the truth is, its not about us. Its about God. He equips us every day. He is faithful even when we mess up. Thank you Jesus. There is so much freedom in that truth.

Jenna Grace is thriving. She is so smart, we can't even stand it. Once again, we are super biased. Here is where she is at and all she has learned since being home.
She can count to 4. And counts with me to 10.
She knows yellow, blue and red.
She loves to recite the alphabet and sing songs. I love to hear "again" and happily oblige.
She can name all her body parts and the clothing that covers them. She can put on her own shoes and slippers.
She will tell you her name and how old she is.
She is still potty training but I am in no hurry.
She recently learned to jump and jumps around everywhere. Its so cute.
She LOVES Elmo and got a small one for Christmas (no talking ones thank you very much). She can also name all of the Sesame Street characters.
She loves going for walks, swinging and going down her slide. She loves to pick dandelions and blow on those puffy ones (dandelion seeds?).
She knows all her animals and the sounds they make. We will even sing "What does the fox say...?" and she says nay nay nay etc... Soooooo cute!
She LOVES books which I am thrilled about.
I know, I am bragging but who wouldn't be proud. She has only been in this country for 6 months!!

JG with her foster family. I found out the little girl to the left was adopted and living in CA. 

JG was a sponsored child and the next three pics are the info that was sent out about her. So cool.

This was the pic we received with her referral. 

JG and her foster mama.

And with her forever family who loves her more than we know how to express. 

And our precious smiley girl. The light of our lives. So blessed!
Adoption is such a gift and I truly thank God He blessed us with this opportunity.