Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All for LOVE...

All for Love the Father gave, Abba Father have your way...
These are just a couple of lines from a song I love by Hillsong.

All for the love, the Father gave and He expects us to do the same. Being here in another part of the world surrounded by nothing familiar and nothing comfortable is not what I would ever choose to do. Because at the root of who I am without God is pure selfishness. I hate the fact that last night was the first time in 8 days I actually slept more than 4 hours (and I did that with the help of meds). I hate that there is little I like to eat here. I hate being stared at constantly. I hate that I understand nothing and no one. I hate that I still have to be here another week and a half. I hate being so far away from my kids and my bed and everything comfortable. But I love God. And God, in HIS love for us and because he hated our sin and He hated the separation from us made THE biggest sacrifice of all. He gave HIS son's life so we could be adopted into His family so we wouldn't have to be separated from Him for all eternity.

When I look at the precious little girl God has given us, its worth it all. All the sleepless nights, all the feelings of hunger and discomfort. All the heartache of missing my other kids. Its worth it to sacrifice all of that to bring her into not only our family but also into the family of God.

Jenna Grace is grieving and broken right now, I am sure she is bewildered and feeling so insecure and unsettled. She is surrounded by nothing familiar and nothing comfortable. She doesn't understand what is going on or understand what we are even saying. Yet she allows us to hold her, rock her and tell her we love her.

Maybe you are like Jenna Grace right now or maybe you are like me. I would just encourage you to rest in the arms of Jesus, let Him hold you and tell you it will be OK. It might not be the answer you are looking for but if you believe that He works all things together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose then really believe that, trust that and rest. Trust that He will right the wrong and trust that even if you don't want to make 'that' sacrifice, with God's help, you can and you should.

He did it for you, and you were so worth it to Him and I promise it will be worth it to you also.