Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Reminder about the Birds.

This was (kind of) my view this morning as I sat praying and reading my bible. I say kind of, because I didn't have a camera/phone to take a pic so I took this one from Google. 
We got our visas yesterday and I was giddy. Then Kristen (agency chick) called and I started asking all kinds of questions (like I do) and before I knew she was telling me how "gotcha day" will go down. WOW! It was surreal. Things have been going so smoothly that I get afraid. I think because we had so much heartache for so long as we walked this road, the fact that things are going so well causes fear to rise up in me. Stupid, I know. Last night as I went to bed I found myself struggling with all these negative thoughts. Then this morning I was the first one up (such is the life with teens in the house) so I went in our daughter's room and began hanging up the new clothes we just got her. My head was spinning with so many different thoughts. As I looked at her picture my heart ached for just a brief moment. I love her so much, there aren't even words. How its possible is only because of the love Jesus has for me. 

So, back to the birds. I sat on the floor in her room and began to pray. As I looked out of her window I watched as these birds danced in the sky. There was nothing uniform about their flying. It was as if they were having a party in the sky. As if they were celebrating the sun and warmth of the day after all the rain and cold of this past week. I watched. I smiled and before I knew it I was weeping. I heard my Father's still small voice. I take care of the birds and they do nothing for me...I will take care of you. I repented for my fear and my doubt. I whispered words of thankfulness and praise. 
Go and read Matt 6:25 through the end of the chapter. Its so beautiful. Its such a precious reminder that we all need. 
Now, when you are tempted to worry remember the birds.