Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It finally happened and I thought my heart would explode.

She called for me, she called me "mama".

On my instagram page there is a video of her pointing to me as she lays on my chest saying mama over and over and it is precious but this was completely different.
She finally identified me as mama.

I was standing holding her and being silly with Jayden as he sat on the couch. She was laughing and laughing, then she reached out to go to Jayden so I let her down into his arms. I turned around to go back into the kitchen and heard "Mama" with almost desperation. I looked back and she had her arms out to me. My heart leapt. So I went and got her and hooped and hollered, and swung her around half laughing, half on the verge of tears. It was glorious. Then I wondered...would she do it again? So I played again with Jayden on the couch and once again she wanted into his arms and I walked away. "MAMA" arms outstretched. I ran back tears welling in my eyes. She knows I am her mama. My heart was so full. 4 months with my girl and she gets it.
She still doesn't say it all the time but when she does, its with purpose.

So thankful.

So, in other news. Here is more of an update in pictures, all jumbled up b/c I'm too lazy to straighten them up. (Don't judge me.)  :0)

"Uncle" Chris aka:Brian's best friend from highschool came to visit from
GA to deliver a rocking chair for JG. 

JG helping me put stuff away after a walmart run. How cute is she?

Said rocking chair. Told you they would be jumbled. 

For JG's 2nd birthday her Nai Nai (adopted GMA) repainted her toy chest. 

Nai Nai and JG modeling. 

JG's second bday. Her own cupcake. She almost ate the candle when she blew it out. 

She really wasn't sure what to do. When she did finally eat it she was so neat
about it and wanted me to constantly wipe her mouth. 

JG meeting Chuck E Cheese on our way to FL. However, when the real one came
she screamed bloody murder and hung onto me like grim death. 

At NBA city Rest. in Orlando. Jack was one happy man.
Isn't he handsome with contacts? 

Jay getting in on the action. 

Love these boys but so sad their brother couldn't come.
Oh and joys of being an adult. 

This is B's happy place. He wants to live in the Bahamas some day. 

Helping with the beach stuff. 

This was after the beach. She was so tired, she couldn't even hold her head up. See pic below. 

I look really scary in this pic but it was so pitiful how exhausted she was. 

My Papa. With his oldest Granddaughter and his youngest great granddaughter.
Pretty cool. He's 81.

My good friend Kara. We met when we lived in Florida. 

B and his mom. 

My cute girl modeling the dress her Nai Nai got for her. 

My neice, Moxie and JG. 

B's brother, Darin and his mom. 

My friend, Kara's little boy Brandon. They had such a blast together!!