Monday, August 27, 2012

Just another MANIC MONDAY...wish it was Sunday...

Ok, not really but I love this title and I'm thinking this will become my theme on Mondays.

I have really let too much time lapse in between posts and I'm sure all two of you who read it care. ;0)

So, in no particular order (since today is Manic Monday) lets play a little catch up!

August 14th marked our oldest J turning 19! Eeeeek, how is that possible?! I mean, B and I are still in our early 20's. Cough cough...
The very next day he started classes at the local community college and then I knew it was true. I. AM. OLD.
We kept things very low key celebrating with just his (and our) closest friends eating one of his favorite meals (my from scratch pancakes) and lots of cake and ice cream. It was a great night but truth be told from a momma's point of view very very bitter sweet. I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, or when he learned how to walk, ride a bike, first day of school, skate board, read etc. I could go on and on. I don't think I will ever fully accept the man he is becoming but gosh I'm proud.
Check out his batman cake, at 19 he is still into all things batman. Only this time its in a very grown up way, if thats possible. :0)
For the record, yes that is a mask and yes he did wash it off and wear it.
My Aunt Holly (mom's youngest sister) came and visited from St. Louis for a week. It was amazing spending time with her. Having her here was the next best thing to my dad visiting. (I'd say my mom too but she's in heaven)
For the most part, we chilled. And it was nice. We shopped a little, ate out a little, talked till we used up all our words and painted a LOT! I'll explain that last part. After dinner out one night, I was trying to think of something fun we could do together and a movie just wasn't going to cut it so I thought lets go paint! We have a place in town called the Accidental Artist where you can go and paint pottery. Its one of my favorite places. Its so fun and relaxing and way cheaper than therapy. Well, once she got her groove she was in hog heaven. She loved it so much we had to go back three days later and take the two younger boys. We called it a field trip/art day. It was a blast. I was especially proud of Jackson and the plate he painted because he can get really frustrated in situations like that but he did really well.
Jackson painted a plate with the Chicago Bulls logo, Jayden painted an airplane with the Olympics logo, I painted a butter dish and Holly painted a tea pot.
The first time we went Holly painted a plate and I painted a container which I now keep my coffee in.  I forgot to mention Aubrey joined Holly and me and was taking pics with her new iPhone 4s.
 Being silly, its what I live for.

School is going so well minus science. We just haven't found our groove with it and I'm not worrying about it all. Today marked the beginning of week five and despite the begging to attend public school I think even the boys would agree things are going beautifully. 
I'm also really excited about the bible study they have started with their dad once a week. Its called What Every Man Wishes his Father had told Him. 
We played hard at Busch Gardens all summer, even earning three free nights in a hotel which made it easier to go since we live 3+ hours away. Jayden ended up riding all the roller coasters, even the dreaded Griffon. UGH. That thing scares me. On one occasion he and his dad rode it 6 times in a row. 

Two weeks ago I deleted my twitter and facebook accounts and have been finding such freedom in that. I didn't realize how much I was allowing those things to take over my world. Yes, I feel a little out of the loop but its really not that big of a deal. It forces me to be more intentional in my relationships with people, keep things a little more real. 
I've kept my Pinterest account and this blog but thats it. Pinterest and this blog actually add something to my life. All facebook and twitter did was subtract. 
And last but not least some fun pics for the road. When Holly was here Jayden helped her discover the 
fun of photo booth on her mac. No words necessary for the next group of pics. 

Hopefully I'll be back before the next Manic Monday.