Sunday, September 07, 2008

Still praying for baby Grace

After we made all our calls and talked with our agency and got ALL the facts this is what we know. If we plan to continue our adoption journey right this second our agency, Children's Hope International cannot help us. They are still appealing the decision to not give them the Hague accreditation they need for all China adoptions so using them would be out of the question. However, we could start all over again with another agency but this is not even an option as far as we are concerned. We could however, choose another country to adopt from. After discussing the different countries with a representative and getting a general idea as to how they work we are considering Ethiopia. The cost is about the same but we wouldn't have to be in country as long, only 5-7 days vs the 14 we would need to spend in China. It isn't that we object spending so much time there and certainly wouldn't base our whole decision on it but with 3 kids at home to think about its something to consider. Also, the process isn't as long. From the time we put in our dossier in for China we can expect to wait 24 to 36 months just for a referral and from there another 2-3 months before we travel. From beginning to end with the Ethiopia program its only 9-15 months. This also is a huge deal for us especially considering we are on our way to being 40. Again, not that any of these things will make or break the decision in adopting a baby. Anyway, as you can see/read we have several things to consider and we are once again asking you to join us as we make our requests known to God. His timing will be perfect for bringing our daughter home. We are not losing hope. It just might be going down a different road than we originally thought. Personally, I am excited to see where that road leads and more excited you are on it with us. We can't do it without you. Blessings.

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Girl, my best friend is in the drama of a China adoption and my heart feels for you! What a roller coaster. Just remember God has plans and I look forward to seeing what happens. H