Thursday, August 07, 2008

An Obstacle

We received this email from our agency in July. What it means for us is this...because we were only in our application phase we can no longer proceed with them and all monies submitted are gone. (All application fees are non-refundable.) They are appealing the decision so I am not sure what that will mean if they are approved somewhere down the road. I am sad, sad for my grandfather b/c this agency is his blood, sweat and tears, sad for Brian and I and the thought of having to start again with another agency or not at all. We are praying about where to go from here. Please join us and pray also for quick resolve with their Hauge accreditation.

On July 9th, 2008 CHI was reviewed by COA for our Hague accreditation. Yesterday, July 17, 2008 we were informed by COA that our Hague application has been denied. Our denial was based on being non-compliant in one state where we are licensed. This was not brought to our attention until last week after the Hague review was already underway. We are currently working to resolve this issue and will be requesting from COA re-consideration to our approval.

Specific information on how this affects you - or if it will affect you will be coming in the near future from your specific program.

We are going forward in the faith that this will soon be resolved. We are committed to you and your adoption.

Thank you for your patience and prayers during this time.”

Dwyatt Gantt

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