Monday, September 29, 2008


Saturday evening right as we were finishing dinner our friends daughter Bethany came over to play with Jack and JD. As she was sitting at the table with them while they finished E! news came on TV. No one was really paying much attention until an image of Jamie-Lynn Spears came on and the kids started talking about her show Zoey 101. What proceeded out of Jackson's mouth and seeing his facial expressions was priceless and made me realize just how innocent he still is. Here's how is went down.

Jackson: Ya she is in that show Zoey 101. I really like that show
Bethany: I don't think I've seen it, we don't have cable.
Jayden: Didn't she have a baby?
Me: Ya just recently I think.
Jackson: What??? She had a baby, how old is she?
Me: 16 or 17
Jackson: Wait a second... (you can tell he is thinking) is she married?
Me: No
Pause, his facial expression begins to change
Jackson: You mean...
Jayden trys to interject but I beat him to it
Me: Yes, she had sex before she was married.
Jayden: Ya that's what I was getting ready to say
At this point Jackson has stopped eating and the look on his face is of pure disgust.
Jackson: That is absolutely disgusting, I can't believe she had sex and wasn't married. 

There you have it. Man I love that kid. He is so innocent, still to the point he doesn't get why Bethany's mom and I won't let them have sleep overs. I am going to cherish this for as long as I can.

***Disclaimer: We aren't stupid, the sex talk has been had I guess he just has decided  that God says no sex before marriage and thats that. 

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