Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Waiting with baited breath...

Chinese New Year has been over for about a week and a half. That means its been business as usual for that long. I don't think its possible to check my email any more times in a day than I do right now. And yet, I will check. And check again and wait and wonder and HOPE!
Today, finally, the phone rang and the caller ID showed Eugene, OR. Was it? No, but I was still thrilled to hear Kristen's voice on the other end. Allow me to introduce (sort of) you to this precious young woman. She is our life line to China and our daughter. When we first switched agency's and the director, Beth was explaining who everyone was in her office she mentioned Kristen. Well, we have been speaking with her ever since and its been a pleasure every single time! She is patient and kind and I'm sure I exasperate her with my questions yet she never ever causes me to feel as if I am wasting her time or annoying her. Now, this doesn't mean she doesn't get off of the phone and think "thank goodness!" but thats besides the point. :0) She has been the biggest blessing to Brian and me and I thank God for her. I truly hope to one day take our daughter to meet her and say thank you in person. Now, about the phone call. Kristen explained that no she wasn't able to tell us our LOA (letter of acceptance) had come in but she was able to say they had told her there were no problems with it and it was pretty much guaranteed to come in with the next batch. Whew that was a long sentence, sorry.
And then I pretty much hammered her with every other question I could think of just because talking to her is like talking to a friend and somehow it makes me feel closer to my daughter.

Adoption update done, so how about a family update. All is well and super busy here at the country bunker.
Jackson's basketball team won the league championship for the third year in a row. WOO-HOO! That was awesome. It was particularly amazing because they had been the underdogs for the majority of the season, so to come back and win it made the victory that much sweeter.

Jayden is busy practicing for his first musical, third production in all, in our local theater. The Little Mermaid. He is the first mate. He has several lines and I'm curious to see how they are going to make it the stage look water-like.

Jared has been out on his own for 2 months and is doing great! Sadly, I don't see him that often but he texts/calls me a couple of times a week and I get to catch up that way. Its definitely a different dynamic now that he no longer lives with us. It isn't that you ever stop being a parent but theres a shift. I can't even really describe it. I guess that explains why there are no books/manuals about this sort of thing. Its something you just have to go through.

B and I have been going at break neck speed. There has been something every single weekend for over a month now, not to mention all the week day stuff and it doesn't look to slow down until the end of March. Part of me is glad about it, the other part of me is exhausted. I am glad, for obvious reasons. The busier I am, the less I think about the time dragging on with no update. However, after saying all of that I am looking forward to April being slower.
And speaking of April...I will be turning 40!!!! And thats all I have to say about that. :0)

The next couple of days and weeks are going to be fun. Tomorrow we leave for Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days and then the weekend of the 16th is my baby shower...and it will be pink! I am super excited about that. When my Aunt was here recently I found this canvas print for the baby's room that was just perfect so she blessed us with it. I can't wait to paint and hang it up.
I am also preparing for my good friend, Debra's baby shower in April. She is having twin girls and is due in July.

And on a completely random note, I attended the Devoted conference this past weekend in VA Beach at The Wave Church. Amazing. My fave speaker was there, Christine Caine. Also, speaking was Sharon Kelly (lead pastor's wife of Wave church), Lisa Bevere and Sheila Walsh. The second night of the conference they hosted an 80's night complete with a band called The Deloreans, crazy staffers donning 80's gear and all the dancing you could stand. It was definitely brought back a lot of memories listening to those songs. See below for some funny pics.

Thanks for reading and now its back to waiting with baited a good way. 


Cheri said...

Wowza! Busy at your place...that is a good thing. Then your mind can't keep wandering. Well, maybe it really does anyway.

GWL? In Williamsburg? We go there! Are you living near me?

About the son moving out. I'm with you. It is a whole different dynamic. I have a real hard time not calling or texting my son on a daily basis with more than a scripture or two. I know I need to let him grow up, but it is so hard for me at times.

Tracy said...

Yes!! awesome news! You are so close. Checking email was therapy for me...check away!! Love you and I am praying! And 40 is not so bad :)

Stacy Heckman said...

You are getting so close Rachel! I'm so excited for you. The baby shower sounds awesome - I hope you'll post pictures of it!
It sounds like God is giving you a season of "busy-ness" to keep your mind off the waiting process. Enjoy all the fun activities, because as you know, a baby halts everything to a screeching stop (pun intended). :) Then you'll get to relax at home with your sweet baby girl and spend lots of downtime enjoying your family.
Until then, strap on your seat belt and enjoy the ride! Praise God for all the great news. :)

Jodi Crawford Potgeter said...

Come on LOA!!! How long have you been waiting?