Sunday, June 03, 2012

Szczęśliwa Rocznica!!

Do you know what the title says? I only know because I used Google translation to write Happy Anniversary in Polish. Why? Well I married one 17 years ago today. 

A little background. 

Brian and I met at a restaurant managers training class in the Fall of '94. The first thing I noticed about him was how cocky and funny he was. Of course I also thought he was super hot. Even though we spent the day together in this class, even eating lunch together we never actually said 2 words to each other. 

Fast forward spring '95. Brian began coming to eat at my restaurant about once a week, without saying a word to me, I might add. I found out later he would only come eat there when he saw my car. HAHA. 
Then one evening, I'm eating at his restaurant (with a date) and decide to be funny.  I go back in his kitchen to see what the hold up is and he asks me out!! Finally!!!

It's the end of March and we go out for our first date, then a second, then a third. Lots of fun, lots of drama and then all of a sudden its June 3rd '95 and I am walking down the aisle wondering if I'm making the biggest mistake of my life. 

And so it began, the building of a life together plus a 2 year old. Oh sorry did I forget to mention I was a ready made family, just add a husband?

We began as two very broken people doing our best to simply survive. Reality set in much quicker for us since we had only really known each other 8 weeks when we said "I do". We began counseling, found a church home and determined that no matter the obstacles divorce would never be an option. Although I'm not going to say we didn't think about it a few times. 
Up until about year 8 we struggled to like each other and just did our best. There were more sad times than happy but we supported each other and pressed on. 
We each went to God separately and found the missing link to our joy. A relationship with Him. We allowed God to make us whole individually and that's when we realized where true happiness comes from. Our relationship blossomed from tolerance to celebrating being together every chance we got. 

As we celebrate 17 years I can tell you that because of God and His mercy and our willingness to submit to His truth we are 2 whole people who come together to make a beautiful couple. We are friends, we love to be in each others company and in fact I miss him most days just when he's at work. 

I love you Brian. Thank you for fighting alongside me for this amazing marriage. Here's to 50 more years. 

                         Szczęśliwa Rocznica!!


Brittany said...

Oh, Szczęśliwa Rocznica Mrs. Rachel!!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful testimony!! Happy Anniversary!