Monday, May 28, 2012

My baby turns 15

Today my middle baby, Jackson turns 15.

He was born at 8am May 28th 1997. He weighed 9lbs 4oz and had jet black hair.

His first picture is of him crying and I have the same one of his dad and they look like twins.

My first 6 months of pregnancy with Jackson was full of angst and at one point they told me he was dead. But Brian knew better and even when the doctor was insisting I come in for a DandC Brian called forth life and not death and when we went in they found his heartbeat. From that time and for the next 2 months I was on bed rest but it was worth it.

Jackson has been such a joy to us. His constant smile and determination in every part of life is one the things I love most about him.
I have loved watching him grow into an amazing young man who is determined to let His light for Jesus shine. He has allowed God to mold him and make him and he is constantly aware of his need for Jesus in his life.
He has a passion to let others know the truth and despises negativity in any form. He works hard to change the things within him that he knows aren't godly seeking God daily for strength and truth.
He has an understanding of God's word many twice his age don't have and I am so proud he is not ashamed.

He continues to excel in basketball even though he didn't even start playing until last year. He is tireless in his practice taking advice from anyone he can and watching his favorites play and watching what they do so he can get better.

He is an avid reader and his creative writing abilities blow me away. Look out Brian Jacques and all you Redwall series writers.  Jack will be giving you a run for your money some day soon.

He has his sights set high for his future and will not allow others' to bring him down because he knows with Jesus ALL things are possible.

I am positive this year will bring even more changes as I'm sure there is a drivers' permit in his not so distant future not to mention he will be a FRESHMAN IN THE FALL!!!!!

I look forward to the many milestones I get to be part of in the coming years.

My only prayer for Jackson, is that he remains ever steadfast in his commitment to Jesus and doing all he can to continue to be like him.

                                                  ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!!

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