Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Make Over!

Everything and everyone I think, needs a make over from time to time.

This blog was no exception.

So, a few weeks ago I contacted the creative forces that be and asked for a remodel and once again she has delivered.

Its just in time too.

We have entered a new phase of this journey.

We feel closer than ever and its scary as it is exciting.

Thursday we spent more than 2 hours looking through the database of girls alone who are waiting for forever families. There were over 456 ranging in age from 0-18. There were only about 80 in our age range which is 2-3, however just going through these files was the most heart wrenching thing we have ever done.

How do you look past the faces, disabled or not and not long to scoop them up and just love them? It was so hard. Some of them have such severe disabilities you wonder if they will be stuck there forever. I literally felt physically sick.

But in the end we had to look at the special needs we felt capable of handling and we chose 6 girls to look at in more depth.

So now what you might ask? Well, we take these files to a pediatrician and ask every question we can think of that pertains to their needs.

And then, we make a choice. And the truth is, she may not be one of these 6. And guess what? We're OK with that. We know God already has our daughter in the palm of His hand and His timing will the THE timing so we will rest as we go through these files. Its a beautiful thing.

As for paperwork, we are working on the dossier, have our biometrics appointment in November and my passport is going to arrive hopefully in the next 2 weeks or so.

Since these past 3 weeks have been filled with wedding stuff (I was matron of honor) its nice to have all my focus back where I feel it belongs.

Once again, thank you for riding this wave with us and please pray specifically for God's will as we go through these files.



Tracy said...

I love the look of the new blog!! So excited as you enter this new part of the journey! Love you sweet friend!!

Jenny Lee said...

Love the new look and very excited for the next phase of your journey!