Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dad vs. Daddy/Mom vs. Mommy

Our children, 17, 13 and 11 call us mom and dad.
While visiting our amazing friends in OK just recently I was in awe of the fact that their 2 boys 13 and 11 still refer to them as mommy and daddy. Then I was sad. Do the two younger of my three do this because they have heard their older brother do this? When did this happen? Since being home I have been listening to what they call us. It's mom and dad. No, I want mommy and daddy. So, just yesterday I asked Jayden (the 11 year old) can you please call me mommy again and he said no I'm not gonna do that. I begged. He said I'll call you mama. I agreed.
This morning, when I said good morning guess what he said?
Morning MOM!!!

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Jeanette said...

Be thankful they have no knowledge to call you "mommy dearest"...LOL! Love the pics on the page :)