Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

I decided I am long over due to update this blog and based on some recent status changes on facebook my understanding is people are somewhat concerned for our well being. I am not going to lie, things in the house of Maciaszek have been somewhat stressful for quite sometime. Since I am not at liberty to discuss said things at this time I thought I would at least share a about some other fun stuff.

We are still in the process of Saving Grace just going in a new direction with it. Since our overall intention is to save babies and help other parents adopt we have decided to pursue obtaining our 503 C status and create Our Saving Grace Ministries. Even though we are not ready at this time to pursue our own adoption doesn't mean we can't help raise money for others who are. There are lots of amazing families out there who can provide a great home to a child in need but don't have $20,000 in their bank account. We want to be there to help them. With a non-profit status we can fund raise to help others. So, please pray as we get those wheels in motion.

Thanksgiving day did not go orginally as planned (we were supposed to go to Rocky Mount) since this past week was emotionally and mentally draining, however we did make the best of it and spent it together just the 5 of us. We had fajitas and later made chocolate covered pretzels and crackers. A little tip, read the directions fully before you use Candy Quik. We didn't and our first try ended in rock chocolate. Then we made chocolate chip cookies. Not much luck there either. Apparantly, the Maciaszek's don't like to read directions. Believe me you can mess up cookies but we made the most of it and as long as you put them in the microwave for a few seconds they don't taste too bad.

Today was fun, Brian and I went for coffee together early and then walked around the mall for a few. Having lived in Florida and seen what black Friday really looks like at a mall, the Greenville mall made us laugh. After that we made chocolate chip pancakes, drank coffee and started to decorate. I love our tree. So, now it's Friday evening and we are settled in to watch MI III. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and enjoy a relaxing weekend. See below for some fun pictures of our adventures in cooking.

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Laurie Stewart said...

We, too, have decided that being alone as a family is much less stressful and more enjoyable during the holidays/busy times. Glad you had fun together, Rachel. BTW, I'm going to find you all a tripod. You're the king/queen of holding the camera and taking shots of yourselves : ) Great pics.