Monday, October 15, 2007

One Week and Counting

Today is Monday and it's been a week since we submitted our application. I know, only a week. I know what you are thinking...if she's having problems after only a week God help her and us. No, I am fine I was just letting you know. Things have been going really well and last week was such a great week. Let's see if I can catch you up.

Thursday Jayden and I had to get our eyes checked and that was a totally new experience for me. They put a local anesthetic in my eyes in order to do this certain test and then proceeded to dilate them. Let me tell you, I have a whole new appreciation for my sight. I felt blind for what seemed like hours. And whats worse
is my sunglasses weren't enough so they shoved these black film looking things between them and my eyes. Yeah and stupid me thought well how bright can the sun be. I shouldn't have checked. It made things much worse. It seemed unfair b/c Jayden's went back to normal after only an hour. Needless to say I am thankful to see as well as I do. Later that evening we met a friend of mine who's an amateur photographer to take some pics since we are long overdue for a family photo. We got a couple good shots but I'll save those for another time.

Friday was really fun. Jayden was picked for one of the authors of the month so we went to hear him read his story to his peers. His story was about One Wish he had and his was how he died and got to go and meet God. He talked about how God looked really responsible and intelligent and how he worshipped at his feet. About how he read the bible to God and how amazing He was. Then it talked about how we were sad b/c he had died and him and God were looking at us. WOW! It finally ended with him saying he hadn't really died but he did wish he could go and see God. I have to say I was pretty impressed he'd been chosen considering its a public school.

So, that same day my son invited me to have lunch with him. My 14 year old. Can you believe that? And he didn't invite me to pick him up and take him to lunch, he invited me to actually come to his school and eat with him in the cafeteria with all his friends. I, of course did not say no. I felt so cool. His friends were so nice although I tried not to talk too much just in case I embarrassed him. We talked mainly about what they were all involved in, the different cliques and of course the upcoming Homecoming Dance which Jared informed me he wants to attend. Since I didn't attend school in the US of A I am really not sure what this is about so they all explained.

The weekend was packed with cleaning, homework, baseball games, church and youth. Not to mention a beach party and baptism and a Bucs games for Brian. All in all a fun filled week and weekend. How was yours?

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Sarah..The best lil sis around said...

sounds like you guys had weekend was boring in ,cleaning and oh Church which was great..finally a chruch we can go to that Chyanne loves the nursery and Aireanna and Isaac both love as well(that is rare)check out myspace for a pic of my hair do