Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Rusty

Yesterday was a looooong day. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I babysit a little girl named Kylie. She is 3 and a half months old. She is a really good baby. Yesterday, not so much. Now this wouldn't have normally bothered me except I was also babysitting another little girl who was only 16 months old. Let me tell you, I was so out of my element. It's amazing to me how quickly we forget. I mean, I did that. They weren't quite that close but I had to juggle the baby and toddler thing. It wasn't that the day was hard per se but I was exhausted. Right when I thought I had got them both settled one would wake up. I would get one fed and then the other would be hungry. It was non-stop. WOW, I have so much more respect for people who do that everyday in daycares and such. I'm sure glad I'm only adding one more and not two.

A massive THANK YOU to my precious friend Betsy Leeuwner for re-designing our template. I cannot thank you enough for all you did. Just like our first time around with this blogger thing huh?

Quick donation update (which you can also see in the sidebar) we have had 2 more come in. Thank you thank you thank you!! God is faithful.


Samantha said...

Yeah I'm hoping that SOON we can come visit you in Tampa. I want Bryce to know who you all are, and know what amazing people you are. And I wan you to love him like you guys love me. Plus we so deserve a vacation. But anyways hope all is well. Give all the boys a big hug for me. I will talk to you soon!

Que Pases muy bien el dia, Cuidar, Te quiero con toda mi alma

Escribe amor Con amor,

Anonymous said...

I love the new template - VERY girly pinkish red ! Now, I wanna know how to get a 'custom' template on my blog!

Sarah....the best little sister ever. said...