Sunday, May 06, 2007

Somebody's really love me!!!

Surprise, surprise. WOW!!!!! That is the only word I can think of. Last Sunday the 29th all was well as we headed for lunch after church. I was tired and could think of nothing better than going home for a nap after an exhausting baseball day Saturday. Since it was my birthday the 30th I figured I was entitled. Then as we walk into the restaurant I hear "Would you like to sit at this table" (I think that's what she said) I turned to see none other than my good, good, great and wonderful friends MARTIN AND BETSY LUNAR!!!!!!! It was over at that point. I was screaming, I was crying, I was OH MY GOSHING, I could not believe my eyes. My husband was somewhere patting himself on the back on a job well done. They had got me and I'm not easily gotten. It was THE best birthday surprise in the history of Rachel birthday's. So, once I got over the shock we all sat and had a great lunch followed by great time at the mall followed by great nap time. Well they napped. I was too wired from all the excitement. We did lots of laid back stuff like eat, shop, go to the beach, compute (which Betsy was left out of ;) ), skip work (private joke), catch up on life and of course Starbucks! She is a worse caffeineaholic than I even remember. HAHA! Anyway, we had such an awesome time and I feel so honored they thought enough of me to surprise me like that. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LUNARS, WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Thanks again!
P.S. BAD ME, they took all the pics.


LunarWorld said...

Alright, fine! I am sending the pictures now.

metromom said...

What an exciting BIRTHDAY!!! ;P