Saturday, February 17, 2007

One step closer to Saving Grace

Yesterday Brian, Jared (our oldest), and I went and met with the contractor for the walk thru of our new home. Last I had seen the house there was no carpet or applianaces and things were still pretty messy. It was so exciting to walk in and see the carpet done and the house cleaned up. As we walked around pointing out all the things that needed to be touched up (the joys of buying a brand new house vs. one that is already built) I got really excited thinking about moving in and giving it the Maciaszek touch. Well, the female side anyway. When we talk about bedrooms we have already designated which one will be for Grace and have already decided we will decorate it right away in preparation for her home coming. We also know how far away this feels and have felt so much encouragement from all of you we hope you will stick with us and stay to the end. Anyway, back to the walk thru. We finished and scheduled another one for next Friday at 9am, then we will close at 11am. Talk about a full day. We are thrilled. Once we are in we will give you the grand tour via video and post it on here. I hope wherever you are you will pray for a smooth closing and also celebrate with us as we are now one step closer to bringing our baby home. Thank you for your comments and emails of encouragement, we cannot walk this road without you!

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metromom said...

wohhooo! i'm excited for you!