Monday, August 26, 2013

Foster Families are AMAZING!

I am so thankful for Jenna Grace's foster family. I know they will never see this but if they could I would want them to read how much I love what they did for my daughter.
It was always so clear to us how well they took care of her. How they loved her and nurtured her and taught her.
Jenna Grace is doing so well and has come so far in just the 21/2 short months we've had her.
Here's a short update:

  • she is sleeping through the night in her own room. 
  • she loves bathtime.
  • she now points to me and says "mama" (she still doesn't call for me but that will come)
  • she loves to go swimming and loves her new outside playground. 
  • she can say mama, baba, hi, bye, please, thank you, yellow, love you all with prompting.
  • she constantly babbles. 
  • she tells us when she needs to go potty by pointing to her tush. 
  • she copies most everything we say or do. 
  • she points to her head and says "bow"? in the morning when we are getting dressed. 
  • she loves to rock on the porch rocker and "asks" several times a day to go out there. 
  • she gives high five, fist bump, and ET. We learned that last one from Brian's brother. 
  • she gives kisses hundreds of times a day to all of us.
  • she knows where her eyes, nose, ears, mouth and belly are. 
I think thats about it. I am sure I've missed lots but I'll try and be back sooner than the last post.

I would also like to include the book I just made for her foster parents. I am super excited for them to see this book and see how well she is doing. Enjoy!

Shutterfly offers exclusive photobook layouts so you can make your book just the way you want.

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Cheri said...

What a sweet book! I'm so happy to see all those pictures. Thanks for sharing that update. Hope all else is going well for you.

We'll have to chat soon...