Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Christmas Photo Post

My friend Laurie and I put together a Christmas craft night for some girls last Saturday. We highjacked our ideas from Pinterest and had a blast together, eating, drinking, listening to Christmas music (albeit a little early) and making some of the cutest Christmas crafts I've seen.
Berry letter table.
Glitter tree table.
Debra getting started.
Robin, Laura and Deb
Tonya pulling her berries from their stems.
She thought I was gonna pick real berries for this project.
Me and Tonya
Jennifer, Sarah and Laura begin the glitter tree madness.

Joy letter table with Mary-Lou and Laurie.
Look at Robin go, she is almost done with her letter.
Tonya, not so much. 
Deb is on it too.
The JOY letters required precision, thankfully Laurie is super creative and talented. 
Ya, I had a hard time getting going. Deb said I had commitment issues.  
This craft proved to be the messiest.

Last craft was the yarn trees, Robin here getting started.  
So cute Laurie. 
Laurie showing Robin the fastest way to wrap the yarn trees.

My commitment is still lagging.
Mary-Lou and Jennifer. 
Me and Jennifer. 
Working hard!
The girls!
The yarn trees. The easiest craft to make.
The berry letter. 
The glitter trees are so pretty. 

Love these!

All in all a super fun evening and a great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit, not that I need any help.
I'm already looking forward to next year!

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