Wednesday, September 22, 2010

21 Things for A21

The A21 Campaign is a website I've followed for about a year. They are committed to abolishing injustice in the 21st century.
We all need to be aware of the staggering statistics of human trafficking going on in our world.
Here are just a few:
Trafficking in women is the second largest global organized crime today, generating approximately US$12 billion a year.
There are 1.39 million victims of commercial sexual servitude worldwide.
Over 25 percent of sex trafficked victims are trafficked from Southern and Eastern Europe.
90% of victims trafficked into EU member states end up in the sex industry.
There is an estimated 20,000 women and girls trafficked into the Greek sex industry, earning Greece the title: "the center of trafficking in Europe."
One study reveals that one in every 10 Ukrainian persons knows someone in their community who has been trafficked.
Tragically, only 1-2 percent of victims are rescued, and only 1 in 100,000 Europeans involved in trafficking are convicted.
(stats taken from a21 website)

Please go to this site and click on 21 Ways to help and do something.
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