Tuesday, June 03, 2008

13 years and on our way to Forever...

Today is my anniversary. Brian and I met 13 years 3 months ago at a seminar when we were working for the same company. It was instant, things were rough for quite a while (it's what happens when you marry someone you don't know) but soon we figured out not only did we love each other but we liked each other. Here are some of my reasons; he is my rock, he helps me stay balanced, he loves God, he loves his kids, he loves his mom, he loves my family, he works hard, he has passion, he's edgy, he knows how to relax, he's a dork, he makes me laugh more than anyone has or will, he's selfless beyond words, he's humble, he's a peace maker and a peace keeper, he's young at heart (and in years, lol), he's not afraid to take chances, he says he's sorry, he admits his weaknesses, he loves me for me.

I love you and miss you babe, Happy Anniversary!!!

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