Friday, January 11, 2008

God News!!!

I know I have been a little behind with this blog but that is simply due to the holidays. Should be back on track now.
We are on track to begin our home study. However, with the holidays, my dad's visit and Darin's (Brian's brother) wedding this weekend everything has kind of taken a back seat. So, as soon as we get that started we will post all the fun details.

On to the God news. Yesterday and today Brian was at his annual district sales meeting. He won 3 awards. The first was for a promotion called I LIVE FOR THIS $ and he won $XXX.XX. Weird numbers I know but I don't want to post the amounts. The second was for another promotion called THE BUCK STOPS HERE and he won $XXX.XX. Triple digits aren't too bad right? Well it gets even better than that! His main award was ROOKIE OF THE YEAR and with that comes a 4 day all expenses paid trip skiing in Utah. I cannot tell you how proud I am. He has worked really hard and it obviously was worth it. Now, I haven't been skiing since I was 10 so I'll be opting for the spa package instead. HA!! There are several reasons this is the most amazing blessing ever. First off Brian and I would never take a trip like this right now b/c our adoption is at the forefront of all financial decisions we make. Second, it will be freezing there and I love the cold so it will be such a nice change. Last and certainly not least Brian and I have been working so much we are like ships in the night so this will be an amazing way to connect and be alone.

One more thing. Please continue to pray for Nathan and Tricia. If you haven't been to their blog, the readers digest is Tricia has cystic fibrosis, she was in critical condition so they had to deliver their baby at 24 weeks. Things are still critical for her. Their baby girl weighed in at 1lb 6oz so they need LOTS of prayer. Please continue to pray and pass the word along. This family is precious. Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the Maciaszek's! We are really happy for you guys!
Love you,
The Beckley's

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!