Tuesday, December 18, 2007

End of the Year post

My dad made it in safely from Tulsa despite all the bad weather so suffice it to say we have hit the ground running. Since Brian and I hadn't even started shopping and my dad does it when he gets here, it's all we've been doing. Not much to report on the Adoption front. The adoption agreement was sent in a while ago so now the fun part. Paper chasing (as it's known) and we will begin our home study in the new year. Not to mention all the fund raising that will take place. If you ever think of us, please do not forget to forward us to anyone you come in contact with also on this type of journey. Or anyone willing to donate to a good cause. wink wink! In all seriousness we are looking forward to sharing lots of exciting news in '08. Thanks for being with us so far, it's been a blast. Here's a little end of year funniness...

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