Saturday, November 10, 2007

October/November Fun in Pics

We interrupt this adoption blog to bring you some fun family pics. Halloween was a blast. The boys were both pirates for their Character book parade at school but for the trick or treating Jayden decided to be an '80's skater. Go figure. At this one house there was a pug dressed just like Jack (Captain Jack Sparrow) so I couldn't resist a pic. The dog seemed less than impressed. There's also a less than flattering pic of Jared and I but it is Halloween, a time to scare people. The beginning of November brought Jared's first Homecoming and his last race of the season (video to come). I think I was much more excited about homecoming than he was. He allowed me to be a chaperon which was so much fun. I tried to stay in the Cafeteria and away from him as much as possible so he wouldn't think I was trying to spy. He looked so amazing. His little friend who went with him was just too cute. Funny thing was, besides the initial pic the photographer took they went their separate ways the rest of the evening. Kids.

Our car wash did not pan out as expected due to the fact all the good gas stations get booked months in advance. Who knew? Plus since we are not a school or church we are going to have plead our case and hope they will still allow it. However, all is not lost. Our friends in the next neighborhood over are having a community garage sale next weekend so that is plan B. Pray things go well. Thanks for checking in and please don't forget to sign our guest book. Blessings.

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