Thursday, October 18, 2007

One Word...APPROVED!!!

Well, the first approval has come in. Our application is approved!!! We are thrilled. So, this is where we go from here.

~ Our agency will send us our adoption agreement which among other things states we will not use any other agency but them. It's also the first set of pages of our dossier.

~ $700.00 and our signatures seals the adoption agreement deal and allows us to proceed with a local social worker and begin our home study.

~ From what I understand our home study will cost anywhere from $1200.00-$1600.00 and will take approximately 90 days.

During this time I am sure there are mounds of paperwork to collect, fill out and send in.

So, what now??? Well, in just over a week you have sent in $350.00 and we are so thankful. Now we have been officially approved the fund raising can and will begin. Any ideas? The standard car wash and garage sale are a given but I am open to any suggestions. Please help us out.

Alright, guys here we go...we are so excited you are on this journey with us. We can feel your prayers and can't thank you enough. Keep checking in...


LunarWorld said...

Sell t-shirts and other merchandise on

I'm awful at ideas. :(

Brian and Rachel said...

No you aren't, you are my inspiration for creativeness.

Shelya said...

hey guys... i used to sell arbonne and would sell small gift sets as school fundraisers. i can give you guys more info on it if you want to do something like that. i still get my discount and can give you all the profit - holidays are coming up so it's perfect to do shopping for people... let me know if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

Check into different school fundraisers for ideas-custard, candles, cookie dough, etc.
Friends of ours did things such as (she's very creative) doing artwork & selling it, cutting hair, having a chili feed, setting up a percentage of profit from people eating at a certain restaraunt on a certain night, you could make cards & sell them(since you are so creative at that) Make cookies/suckers/candy & sell little gift packets for the holidays! So many things you could do!

Shannon said...

OK, I would suggest this:

Put together a variety of baskets. Then go to mainly places that only men work. Sell them the baskets with the preface that Christmas is around the corner and you just made it easy for them!!!

I have seen several women do this and make loads of money!!!

Onepursuit said...

Hi there! What a neat story, I had no idea that you guys were trying to adopt from China. I'll be praying that everything goes through quickly!!