Thursday, October 04, 2007

For Shannon

I have been reprimanded for not posting enough. I honestly thought since there was nothing going on with the adoption why post? Well, Shannon told me I was wrong and people wanna know what's happening. We are still set to send our app in this week. Waiting for the pics to submit with the app. Anyway, thought I would share with you the pics we are submitting. We had to show 4 of the house, one of the outside and 3 of the inside. One of mom and dad and all the kids. I won't bother with the ones from the house but here are the ones of us.

I know unless you have gone through or are going through this, you can't possibly imagine what an undertaking it is just to get the application in the mail. This is going to change our entire lives for the better. I can't tell you the peace we have in doing this.

Oh, side note: I know you are a bunch of smart people and I am counting on you all! Any fund raising ideas you have please send our way. We are looking for lots of innovative ideas. We've got several to start with but need lots more so I'm looking for those comments. Thanks!

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Shannon said...

I am so glad you have started to post again. I won't say "regularly" just yet!! I just might have to do my "post" for you sooner than later!!