Monday, October 01, 2007

Finally getting started

As most of you know, Brian and I posted SEVERAL months ago that we were beginning our adoption journey. Allow me to clarify. At that moment we decided yes this was something we knew we were supposed to do and made the call to the agency and they mailed us the paperwork. The packet came in a bright yellow folder and right away I tore through it. Then, it kind of just sat. And sat, and sat some more. Then one evening out of the blue I thought well the least I can do is start filling it out. Then it sat again. Then February came and we moved. So, it went from sitting on a table to sitting in a drawer. I would think about it frequently and wonder was this something we were still called to do? It still burned in me. I thought about her all the time, prayed for her. Hoped for her. I had doubts. We didn't and don't have 20 grand sitting in the bank. Was this God? Did I dream this? No, I couldn't have. Then one day another package, only I wasn't expecting this one. I opened it and burst into tears. My dear sweet friend Shannon who is also waiting with expectancy for her little girl to come home, had put herself aside for me. She made me a gift, a beautiful gift and had Grace's name embroidered on it. She said in her card she wanted me to have something to hold onto while I waited to hold her. That little gift now sits on my dresser as a constant reminder she is coming home. As we all know God's timing is everything and now is that time. I am thrilled to say our application will be in the mail by the week's end. Tonight at dinner we brainstormed on fundraising ideas and all the kids were on board. I cannot tell you the peace I feel about this. I know there are tough times ahead but I know God would not have birthed this in us if He wasn't going to walk through it too. Thank you for praying and don't stop. I would also encourage you to please point anyone you know our way if they have gone through or are going through a chinese adoption. We would love to connect with anyone we can on this. Be blessed and stay tuned.

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